Better support for diversions

Everyone knows that feeling when you calculate the wrong amount of fuel, and you need to divert. So I think there should be a way to divert without losing any points and doing it correctly.

What do you think about how IFPAX should handle diversions?

My idea; the airline has to pay a fee to transport each passenger to the planned destination of the flight.

User ideas and arguments (constructive)

I would love to see this in Infinite Pax, however, when landed in the diverted airport it should give you two options:

  1. Continue flight and pay a fee for landing at that airport.
  2. End flight and pay a transport fee.

Therefore it isn’t only for diversions :slight_smile:


Remember diversions can also be for many factors, including fuel, airport closed, weather, so being able to continue the flight might not be possible in many cases and who would startup and takeoff again? Many people don’t have the time nor does it seem very realistic. I might be wrong with that, but thats what it looks like for me.

It would be cool to have some diversion functionality at some point. I agree with what you are saying, paying some sort of fee for landing at the diversion airport would be good. I mean it would be somewhat realistic in terms of passenger transport.

In some cases they may not be able to continue for various reasons, however I see your second option there and I get your point.

Very true. In some cases like an engine failure through the emergencies section of the app, you may not want to continue to a new airport to be realistic.


I once had to divert for the oddest reason, the company (Easy Jet) still had to give us transportation, lucky it was a 4 hour drive not an ocean between us and the destination, but I see what you mean with it not being realistic in some cases.

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Nice feature topic :smile: I have voted

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Like this a lot! Gets my vote!


Currently diversions are supported during emergencies. (i.e. you dont get a penalty/warning for landing at wrong airport).

Displaying UI whilst your in infinite flight isnt really an option for us (especially on android). Unless you are using on seperate devices but thats not for everyone. Will see if theres a way.


What if it’s not a planned emergency? Eg. To little fuel.

I would also land at the diverted airport but I would also consider ditching at sea because you are doing a long-haul or medium-haul route just like the US Airways flight 1549 :slight_smile: if that’s what the feature is about

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