Boarding Music Still Playing?

Hello IF PAX Community,

From one of the previous updates, the boarding music volume issue has been fixed.


There is still another problem I am having with the boarding music and that is after landing. After I land at an airport, the flight attendants would make an announcement but the boarding music would play right after that when I don’t want it to play.


  • I have tried restarting my phone and the app
  • Checked and verified that the boarding music volume was lowered/muted.
  • Deleted and reinstalled the app


iPad Pro 9.7 inch 2016 model

  • 256 GB Space Gray

Please help because I do not like having boarding music on when flying for Southwest Airlines.

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Hello there! Thanks for contacting support.

You have unchecked the Boarding Music, muted the volume for Music, restarted your device and the app, and uninstall then reinstall. However, there is no anything I could think of any step I can solve. This is might be an issue for you or everyone. If this issue still not solve, then we will need to inform Luqman if needed.

Hope this issue is solve soon,

The boarding music plays even after the “welcome to X airport” FA announcement. This isn’t a bug.


Yeah this is exactly what I am talking about

And to be honest, it’s annoying

You do have the option on turning the boarding music it ALL the way down

@aviator_ryan He did that.

Oof didn’t see that. This is what happens when you work till 1130!

But anyway, you could go to #features and make a feature request to make it play during bording only


I find it a bit annoying myself, perhaps disable all together or have a toggle button?
You should make a #features request.