Brother spent all of my airline money

I would like some support here, I went out and came back and my brother has spent all of my airline income and left me with almost nothing. Can I get it added back as I need it to build my airline. :sob::sob::sob::sob::cry:

And he flew with emergencies and now I have 3 violations :sweat:

You can sell the aircraft in the aircraft menu.

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And what about my violations? I want my money back if this can’t be solved!!!


Infinite Passengers are not liable for any of the violations you have racked up on your online account. These come at the fault of the user. It is up to you to use them wisely either on Casual or Solo mode. There is a clear disclaimer within the app stating that it could negatively affect your multiplayer rating and we recommend use in single player mode.

Next time either fly on the Casual server or Solo mode.



But it wasn’t me who was flying it was my bro!!

Who ever it is, we aren’t responsible for violations.

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Arghhh ok , sorry to bother you.

I guess I will take my device everywhere at all times.

Or you could change your code

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