BUG immediately need to be fixed


Thats truly sorrowful to say that Infinite Passenger is carrying a great bug within it which is causing hamper to privacy of users. The problem is described below:

  1. Start Infinite Passenger

  2. Click on Airline Mode

  3. Then if any user is new the Login options will
    display up.

  4. Click on signup. Then fill up the form.

  5. In the form user will see the Email section.

  6. In the Email section it is general that genuine
    Emails must be given for login purposes.

  7. But in the Email section if any user give an
    Email which doesnt exist in real world. Then
    also you will be signed up. This is the BUG.

  8. I tried to signup by giving Emails which doesnt
    exist like COOO123@Gmail.com but its
    amazing that it signed me up.

    I wish that the Infinite Passenger team must immediately look upon it and solve it as it is causing hamper to privacy.

With Regards

Thank for reporting but did you use the account (COOO123@******com because that account does not exist.)

This is fine. There isn’t anything we can do to stop this - you get signed up whether the email is real or not. It’s the user’s fault if the email is incorrect.

I am curious as to what way you feel this is hampering privacy for Infinite Passengers users?


I must say you broke the code rules by signing up with a fake account and yeah how does it hamper one’s privacy, did it hamper yours???


No. Anyone can sign up to any website or app with a fake email, IFPAX is no exception. This is not a bug.


Well sorry . I thought it’s a BUG ,but as told by you now I am clear that it isn’t a bug.Thanks for clearing my doubt.

I told about privacy because sometimes coincidentally the fake Email given by anyone might be present in real world and if any user sign-up with that then he/she has signedup without bringing attention of holder of that Email( which according to me is fake but is present in real world).
Now in case the user that signed up with that account forgots his Email and click Forgot Password then an Email about reseting password will be sent to that account ( which according to that user is fake but is present in real life). Hence the holder of that account will receive an Email about reseting password. Then he/she might get confused that though he/she hasn’t signedup in Infinite Passenger with the account why they received an Email of reseting password. Then they may complain thinking that their privacy was hampered. That’s why I told this.

I am sorry to everyone if I have done any fault and the account given by me in the above post is not in use as I just used it to check whether it sign me up or not.

With Regards


This might happen yeah, but they didn’t make the account so it’s not really their problem - also the likelihood of someone accidentally using a real email is quite low.

We appreciate you reporting this, but it’s not a bug.

Thanks, Pidge