Bug reporter badge and support

I suggest to make a badge and when someone who reports a bug that is liked by you then they get the badge. Also a support badge if the person gets so many solutions they get the technical support badge and title, maybe even regular.

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Good idea for both and I like the trust level idea.

Thank you for bringing up this idea.

Sure we could add a badge if you report a bug and it’s liked by us, however they would need to be genuine. People may just report the same bugs for the sake of the badge and the trust level. If this is to be added… then it would be perks to whoever reported first. But not sure how many would get this as we have beta testers who find most of the bugs before release. In regards to the support badge, sure it would be cool to give them a special ‘support’ title, although people may get confused with our community support staff and them. We’d need a clear way to distinguish between the two.

I will discuss these ideas with the rest of the community staff team and get back to you on whether we choose to add it or not.


Dude, it’s been 5 month.

Hi Charlie,

This won’t be happening anytime soon. There is no need for this specific feature as most people report the same issues in #support, meaning it’ll require lots of moderation for the badges. Additionally, our beta team capture most issues and only the odd issue/widespread slips through.

We appreciate your suggestion though!


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