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Welcome to the Official Thread of Callum5124 Airlines

Why Join Us?
Although we are fairly new, we already have a great range of aircraft to offer you and best of all, you may fly on any route anywhere around the world. The only restriction is your imagination.

Route Network

As big as our pilots imaginations.


Eventually we will have a full IF fleet of preferrably new aircraft but right now we have:
Airbus A321
Boeing 717-200
Bombardier Dash 8-Q400
Cirrus SR22
Daher TBM-930

As soon as funds are available aircraft will be added based on the pilots wishes.

How to Join?
Request below including your full correct in-app name and also send a request where possible through the app.


I will replace Lufthansa va with this airline. Also nice fleet by the way and I never know there is a va name after ceo of the va :slight_smile:



There usually isn’t, its just me being very imaginative.

Invite Has Been Sent

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Introducing Callum5124 Cargo Airlines

Our Fleet

  • Boeing 757-200
  • Cessna 208
  • MD-11F

As with the passenger airline you can fly anywhere. The cargo airline will act as a subsidary of the main one with the option for users to join it and also the option for users to just join the cargo airline.

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Hello, respective user!

I would like to clarify that a Lufthansa VA is not possible to make as therefore Lufthansa has denied to make any Lufthansa VAs. There is a Nonstop VA and you can check it out on the IFC. It is related to Lufthansa.


Good Evening,

VA’s on this platform are part of the IP app only and have no connection to the IFVARB or the IFC. If Lufthansa contacts the developer then Lufthansa VA’s will be removed but for now they will continue.

Thankyou for your understanding, if you have any more questions please make a #support topic or DM me.

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Are you referring to the real airline? If so, how can they contact the developers?

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