Can Edit a Post Glitch


So it was weird that I can actually edit a topic that wasn’t posted by me, and I am Basic User (TL1) so it is weird at all.


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Thanks for the report, let me have a look!

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Are you able to edit it now @Gabe_Z?

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I mean it say I can edit to this topic like TL3 can edit only if it is wiki.

Yes, does that button still appear for you now?

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Edit button still appearing.

Have you tried refreshing the website?

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I already did that but still appearing.

Okay that’s because it is a wiki.

This is so that all staff and regulars will have the ability to edit when necessary. We will try and resolve this issue for the button appearing for you at the wrong trust level.

Thanks for the report!


Looks like we still allow basic users to edit wiki’s on this forum. I’ll get this changed.