Cannot login for IFPAX

I subscribe with IFPAX a month and register it with my email ,but i cannot login with airline mode and carge mode even I reinstall IFPAX,so I want to know how to fix it and I can fly with IFPAX so enjoy. My username is GCaffrey or Caffrey beacuse when I cannot login at first ,I register another one with my apple email ,thanks!

It’s done by itself

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Has the problem been fully resolved? Or are you still needing a little bit of assistance?

It’s just solved by itself and thanks for help~

But when I logout and login again,it doesn’t work again .maybe you need to care about this problem

I’ll open a report about it for our team :), thanks for letting us know!

It’s my pleasure ! I just hope this problem will fix because it’s well at times but very badly at others. It’s so bad if I just want to play IF with PAX but it can’t login

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I understand, I have opened a report already about it and hope it gets resolved soon!

Ok! You are the best staff and I also hope it well resolved soon :grin:

Case closed :slight_smile: Please make a new thread if you encounter more issues.