Cant connect app to Infinite Flight

App won’t connect to infinite flight. I start flight in airline mode and I get no connection to infinite fligh t.

Have you enabled Infinite Flight Connect?

In the Infiniteflight app

Yes I enable that option in infiite flight setting.


  • Restarting the app
  • Reinstalling the app

Ok i try now and report back

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Could you also tell me what device you are on and operating system

I run a samsung galaxy s8 but also iPhone 6s. I face issue on samsung .

A simple restart of your device shall solve the problem…I have faced itany times before … although infinite flight connect enabled.

In which device is the app?..
If in both , is the problem occuring in both the devices?

issue only on samsung. I only had subscription problem on iphone which was resolve.

Just give your device a restart and let me know.

app now frozen and i cant access

make sure in infinite flight settings you have it enabled

OK will try thanks .

Already answer above.

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still not working then, i see you have tried reinstalling the app, but have you tried turning your device completely off and on again?

Thats been said :wink:

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Thank you It work now


oof, im out off suggestions then

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So works now? @Fredy_Gaming
No more problems?