Can't restore purchase or log in

Help me please!!
Can’t log in


Thank you for contacting support.

We are currently aware of subscription issues which are affecting a small number of iOS users. We are also aware of the app not letting users log in beforehand. Please be assured that we are investigating.

Can you please provide the following information so we can take a further look?

When did this start happening to you?
Device, OS
Any jailbreak or modifications
Infinite Passengers version number

Also, which purchases are you trying to restore? Previous subscription? Or is this after reclaiming a free subscription for previous sound packs?

We apologise for the loss of service.


It happens once I redownload the application.
I am using an iPhone 7 which has iOS 12 update and my device doesn’t have jailbreak installed. I am on 5.1.0 of IF PAX.


Thanks for the information. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like a common problem when reinstalling from the App Store itself.

Can you also let me know if you were restoring a previous subscription or free claim subscription?


I am trying to claim my own subscription that I bought.

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Thanks. This will be passed on and we will continue to investigate the issue. Keep track here for updates:

After we get this fixed, you can raise a support ticket at and we’ll see if we can compensate for any days missed out in your subscription.

Again, please accept our apologies for your loss of service. We are investigating and it will hopefully be resolved soon.

We appreciate your patience!


Can you please make sure you are signed into the correct Apple ID used to purchase?


I have now got access as I now tried the other Apple id I had.Problem is solved!!! Thanks for the help anyway