Cargo mode and 757 bug

If you choose 757-200 in cargo mode I get $0 income and shows 0 cargo on board. Other aircraft aren’t showing me a weight at all in the cargo mode. luqmanh. I am using a galaxy S8+ phone.

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Thanks for the report,
Have you tried reinstalling the app and restarting it?

No need to tag luqmanh…

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Yes I have and I see from Android reviews that someone else had this issue.

Please try the following

  • Restarting the app
  • Restarting your device
  • Clearing Cache/Data
  • Reinstalling Infinite passengers

If they doesn’t help, please provide the following:

  • Device, OS Version, App Version and if you have a Rooted Device (Android) or Jailbroken Device *(iOS)

I am aware you have tried some of these… report back when you’ve tried all things listed :slight_smile:


This might not help. I am also able to repro this issue on my end. It looks like something that will need looked into. Thanks for reporting!


I’ll try reproduce this on iOS. To check if it is for both operating systems or not.
Will take time, as I’m not home yet…


I am able to reproduce this issue.

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@AviationFan534 what device are you on?

will look into this asap.


Thanks for the help.

Fixed in: Infinite Passengers 5.1.2 Release