Category suggestion

Rename AvGeek Chat to Aviation.

I disagree, it is basically a chat, discourse dozent have ‘chats’ But instead categories called chats.

I think it’s good as it is for the moment. If enough people want it changed, then we can do that I guess.

Yeah, I get you. I think we could probably change it at some point. It isn’t really a chat… more of a place to share topics.

This also reminds us to update the about section.


AvGeek Hangout

That sounds better?

Real-World aviation or Real-World aviation chat . Does that sounds good enough?

Isn’t that the IFC name?

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Yes that’s the name. :slight_smile:

Then that can’t be used… This forum isn’t the same as the IFC


So what is it being changed to?

We’re not changing it for now, maybe in the future