Change the description of #support (First Sentence)


That is the current description of the #support category :point_up:
What I think should get changed: “Use this category to ask any questions if you encounter difficulty with using Infinite Passengers.”

This means, that topics where someone doesn’t know how to find a menu or a feature can be posted there, although its not an issue with the app. Without changing the description, it could help if us regulars and staff/mods didn’t change topics that are of ‘cant find this’ etc to support when they start of in general or the other way.

Thats what it think, do you agree or disagree? Share your opinion in the replies.

What do you mean by this

Isn’t the entire purpose of the support category supporting people with how to use the app? In my mind that includes posts such as they can’t find a menu, and that sort of stuff can be resolved really quickly anyway.


It is, but it seems more for that its a little harder or a problem to solve. Like one that needs app restart or something else. Not just someone saying ‘go here and here’

I think that a topic that asks for where is this menu or how do I search for airlines should go in #general not Support.

I personally don’t think so. Just because it has a simple solution doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong in #support

I should have said that differently, I meant topics like:

These topics don’t need to be in #support but the description of #support says, that its the place for them. I think a reword to change it a little wont hurt.

I think those sorts of topics do belong there. Someone is asking for support about the app, and that’s what the support category is for.

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It’s sorta half half. But just keep it the way it is now.