China eastern airlines sound pack

As mentioned above, I think it would be great to add China Eastern alines sound pack to IPX, this is the airline I used to travel with when I was a kid and i think this airline really means a lot to me, so many good memories…
Boarding music

Safety video (Chinese)

Safety video (English)

Normally, the flight crew would play the Chinese version and then play the English version for passengers, so will work best if staff members of IPX can edit two videos into one.

We’ve been needing this sound pack for a long time, definitely have voted for this. Also ensure you vote for your own request to show your support.

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Thanks for reminding me, almost forgot :joy:


Would love to hear these sound packs in app!

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That’s no problem and now you’ll remember for next time :wink:


I thought this was already in the app but I spared a vote anyway.