Chinese authorities ground Boeing 737 MAX 8

So, following the ET302 crash, and as some of you may know from the IFC, Chinese authorities have grounded the 737 MAX 8. The UK grounded them following Europe too.


Why do they need to ground the 737 Max 8 just because there are already 2 accidents involving 737 Max 8?

I think it’s for the safety of us. If we have 2 accidents with the same causes we would have to fix the problem before we could let the bird fly again.


Both accidents happened within 5 months. Both planes where less then 6 months old (one 2 other 4) Both accidents no one survived :cry:

Grounding the plane is a precaution thing to keep the public safe. It’s the right thing for them to do.

I wonder what plane will replace the 737 Max 8?

No plane will replace it, they will probably just use other ones for the duration of it being grounded. Once the issue is fixed, they will resume using them.

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Doesn’t grounded means the plane would have to stop flying?

Yes, it’s temporary only for now. When the plane is safe to fly, the grounding will be removed.

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