Close call encounter when flying?

What’s up IF Pax Community! Aviator_Ryan here with another ya know, #Avgeekchat post! This time, let’s have story time! Here goes the story:

My brother, myself and our buddy were coming back into my local airport but nothing was routine! We started our descent when we hit TOD and canceled VFR Flight Following when we had the runway lights to the airport. Coming into the airport, nothing happened. I talked and did my standard 10,7,5,3, short final calls and even used the ILS to help us make sure we are lined up for the runway. I was always told to use all available instruments in the cockpit when flying so we did. On final approach, we here and see another Cessna taxing down to the runway. He does what he is suppose to do and hold short of the runway since we are landing. We landed long (briefed) so we had a shorter taxi. On our roll out, we here this Cessna call on CTAF and announce they are departing. That’s all cool and all as I thought he said that to as a “Line Up and Wait” call. Boy, was I wrong. As we started our exit off of the runway (still on it at this point) he over flies us at 200-300 feet… needless to say, I got super salty and when we finally got off the runway I announced clear of the runway. I don’t understand why people are so careless at uncontrolled airports and can’t wait until a radio call is made. This situation could of been worse… folks, just be careful at u controlled fields and use the dam radio. Worse part of it, we knew the pilot.

That is all folks. A more detailed version will come later


Jeez! I would be so annoyed as well!

Complete disregard for others. At least everyone was okay though!


Yeah. I’m still salty about it. Sad thing is I know this pilot


Yeahl, that makes it worse tbh.

At least everyone was okay though!


Oh it does! Yeah me too. It could of been a lot worse but it’s 2019 and nobody cares sooo


Man, you are so lucky. I think that pilot need to be train more.

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He’s an older pilot. I wish they would train the older guys more


Pilot should go back to flight school.