Community sound packs

OK so on our road map we already have the ability to create your own sound pack for your airline.

But what do you think about a community area in the app where you can use sound packs created by others and vote for the best one etc

And also if you have your own airline with other pilots flying it, your airline would use your sound pack…whatever you select (or create)

That is actually a nice idea. Unfortunately, I don’t own an airline. People can make their official music for their airline.

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A community sharing idea would be good!! I’d love to share sound packs with others and vote on the best ones :).

This would be good also!! It would mean pilots aren’t using any pack and only VA specific.

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I love the idea of the community section! Would we be able to add on to the current soundpacks?

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We would have to wait and see what @luqmanh says.

Personally I believe there would be no way to edit current sound packs, as they are embedded recordings.

Creating your own would certainly be fun though!

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Going to bump this thread. I’m wondering before I vote if we’d record ourselves doing the safety briefing or what?

This would be great and something I would use a lot. How could we vote? Would you add vote feature or is it linked to forum here.

This is a great idea for allowing the community to be more engaged and make their own sound packs. Got my support.

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I have another question. How would the sound packs be made?

I feel like it can be made and then submitted to IFPAX

Or on here…

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awesome! I voted as I would love to see this in IFPAX!

Seems a reasonable idea, hopefully this ability is added soon.

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I fully support this but get them through a community upload from this forum to get more people.

I agree with this idea and perhaps a #soundpack-creations category where they would be integrated from. But how would those packs be made for the airlines?. Would this happen via an edit software if similar?

This is a cool idea, my main problem is maybe set a review procedures to moderate them before they make way into the app.

Exactly my thoughts. This is a great idea for sure and gives you the ability to create your own community sound packs, however I think there is a need to review them before they make their way into a section of the app. Not saying this will happen… but people might create inappropriate sound packs and if there is no review process it will be a bad outcome for users. So I’d definitely agree, some kind of moderation before integration would be needed for this. This would just ensure quality sound packs and not those which violate.

I fully support this idea and would love a community area to share with other users.

I would love to create own musics to share my Korean airline pilots

This idea isn’t too bad actually to be honest. I’d love to share my own sound packs here in the community and then they could go via the app , would GarageBand work?