Connecting Infinite Passengers to Infinite Flight

Welcome to our first tutorial!

The following video tutorial will show you how to connect Infinite Passengers to Infnite Flight. Make sure to enable Infinite Flight Connect, have a strong Internet Connection and happy flying!

Having trouble connecting?
  1. Ensure Wifi/Data is turned on
  2. Open Infinite Flight and enable Flight Connect from the settings
  3. Start Infinite Passengers and setup your flight
  4. When its on Monitoring Mode screen switch to Infinite Flight and start your flight, you should see notification for Connected
  5. If notification doesn’t appear within a few seconds then please check notifications are enabled for Infinite Passengers in your device settings and ensure Wifi is working properly
  6. Still not working? Try to kill Infinite Flight app (on android use task manager, on iOS tap home button device twice and swipe apps up). Then reopen.
  7. Also do not exceed 35kts ground speed during taxi and start from gate/ramp not runway

If its still not connecting, try to end both apps by using double tap on home button and slide up (on iOS devices) or using task manager on android. After this try steps above again.

Also try opening Infinite Flight first before opening Infinite passengers. Also double check connection. Try over alternative connection method.

Do not hesitate to post below if you need further assistance!

This tutorial should leave everyone with 0 issues


Exactly. Not only is it helpful but it’s an awesome one.


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Hello, will this tutorial still work despite this topic is two years old? Thank you!

Yes, it should work, however the interface might be a little different.

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