Connecting Infinite Passengers to Infinite Flight

كيف تقصد انا سويت الخطوات اللي بالشرح وفعلت اشتراكك …والاانت اللي سويتها لي

لقد شاهدت البرنامج التعليمي ولكن ما زلت لا أستطيع لعب لعبة ، فهي تقول عدم الاتصال في كل مرة

Ive tried every step and its still not connecting to IF ever since my iPad updated to the new software

Hello Joshua , I have the same problem and we have not met a response , I expect after IOS 14 update

I hope to fix as soon as

After updating ios 14.2, a problem has recurred and I have no connection. I hope for a response as soon as possible and fix the problem