Could IFPAX sponsor my newest video?

So, I have a YouTube channel with over 770 subscribers and would be happy to promote you guys on one of my videos for free, will you be happy to “sponsor” my video @luqmanh?


Hi DutchPilot,

We’re always open to exposure and promotions.

Thank you for the idea of promoting Infinite Passengers in one of your upcoming videos. Being a subscriber, you definitely have a good following and hopefully can drive some interest.

Luqman has been alerted about this opportunity and should hopefully get back to you soon to discuss further on this matter and see if it will benefit us. I think it may also depend on whether we receive any new customers to the app or if any are successfully influenced.

We’ll get back to you soon! Apologies for the delay.


Hello Thomas,

Thank you for your thorough response, I’ll be more than happy to bring newcomers to enjoy this wonderful app.

I’m looking forward to your DM @luqmanh.

All the best,