Crashing on startup

Hey there! First post so hello there! As you can tell from the title I am having a crashing issue.
Before you ask questions read below.

I’m on the iPad 6th gen 2018

I’m running iPadOS 13.2.3

Yes I have tried reinstalling

Yes I have tried restarting the iPad

This has been going on for about 2 to 3 weeks now and I’d really want to know why. Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks for any support comments.


Hey there! Are you on the latest version, the app version?

Yes I am, no new updates

Alright, are you sure that you have enough storage, ram to startup the app?

Got around 8 gigabytes left and is infinite flight can run at an estimated 45 FPS then I’m sure it can run IP

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Hmm, can’t think anymore for solution. I will notify Luqmanh about this.

P.S. There are some IOS related issues to this.

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Okay, I just downloaded on my iPhone XR and it works fine. So maybe this is just a 6th gen problem then? Like you, I haven’t got a scobies on what it is.

hi @Jackalus_Mills
yeah we’ve got one other user (@FlyerCharm) with the same issue. Seems to only affect the larger devices like ipad but only for some users not for everyone. I’ll look at the logs on our side to see if i can see any similarities between the crashes.


Okay then! Just to reiterate, it turns on for 2 seconds with the logo then goes black, next thing your back to the iOS home screen.

yeah we have crash logs of literally just two users (must be you two) experiencing that issue:


would you mind opening the app now…letting it crash and sendign the log so that i get a fresh view.


Sending the log? Is it supposed to come up with something?

He means you open the app and it will close. But the app is programmed to send the crash log to the developer. So that he can figure it out. All you have to do is open the app.

Oh ok. I’ve opened it.

Great, Luqmanh will get the crash log file. Hopefully, he will fix it in the meantime.

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Ok thanks! (Fillerfiller)

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If I remember correctly, IOS 13.2 is causing troubles for some apps. Could be IFPAX too!

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Good morning sir, please fix my crashing ASAP.

I have replied to you on your original topic, please check there :wink:

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can you try latest version 5.2.11 and let me know if thats fixed it. It should be in app store, if not you may need to wait a few hours.


It hasn’t popped up for me yet, but I will let you know.