Crashing Problems

Hello My app keeps crashing on the boot start logo screen. I am un­able to ac­cess the app even though I did some downloading again and restarts of my iPhone.


Thanks for contacting support and welcome to the community!

We are currently aware of some crashing issues with the app. Can you please confirm the following?

  • Which iPhone model are you using?
  • Has your device been modified or jailbroken in any way?
  • Are you on the latest version of Infinite Passengers?
  • Are you running iOS 13.2.3?
  • Does this happen every time you load the app?
  • When did this crash start occurring?

Here is the other thread where other members have experienced a similar problem (mainly on iPad):

We are still trying to figure out the root cause and send a hot fix. A number of fixes were sent already, however the issue seems to still persist.

Looking forward to assisting you further!


I am using an iPhone X with iOS 13 2 3.

Thanks for the information.

When did this crash start happening and do you have the latest version of Infinite Passengers?

You can reproduce this every time, correct?


Yes this happens all the time since latest app update.

Thanks for letting us know. Was the app working fine before the update?

This issue could be related to our crash issue here:

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Yes I think it’s related and will wait out the fix.

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