Create a VA in IFPAX


Hi. I like to start a VA call Delta VA but because this is the first time I create a VA and that I never been a CEO before so I need someone to take the place of the CEO, I am nervous. Also, I don’t have a subscription so I need someone to create a va within IFPAX while I create the VA thread


Hey Ken,

As you don’t have a subscription you obviously can’t have a VA. You could join another VA as their Media Manager otherwise you’d be best waiting till you get a subscription unless somebody volunteers.

Best of Luck,



I prefer to have someone volunteer to help me on this va


As Callum said, your best bet is to become staff for another VA. Nobody’s going to want to use their sub for you when they can just make their own.


However, even when I have a subscription and that I created a VA, I don’t know how to be a CEO tho so I want someone to take my place.


If you get a subscription there are many guides and people willing to help you along but for now you most likely won’t get somebody else to CEO it for you.


Can they at least be my assistant?


If your referring to once you have a sub they may be willing to but you can’t force them.

If your willing to now without a sub then probably not. They’ll want to make the most of their CEO opportunity in app.


What do you mean by that?


They’ll want to run their own Airline not one for somebody else as you can only run one am I right.


I just don’t know what to do once I created a VA. I afraid if I run my own VA, there can be issues within the VA.


Right if you start a VA i’ll help you and get you started. But you need a subscription.


I might get one for my birthday on 9/18 when I turn 16 and it might be 1 year subscription :slightly_smiling_face:. I appreciate that you help me. :wink:

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