Creating or choosing our own Aircraft Configuration & Services

Im not sure if this request is too much or not :sweat_smile:? So let’s begin about this feature. In order to add more realism, i think we should have an option in Creating or Choosing our own Aircraft’s Class Configuration or the Seat Capacity of each aircraft. Example for (4) class configuration (First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy) but some airlines have (2) or (3) class configurations. In the old IF Pax version, I have notice that B747-400 has more seats than B747-8 but I’m not sure with the new version. So i think, it will be more realistic how to manage our Airlines and manage with our income regarding with our how many Passengers or Cargoes are flying with our airline (based on our reputation), Satisfaction of our Passengers / Cargo (depends if you arrived late, early, and food services / catering), cost per fuel, cost per food service (catering), and etc. I hope this will add in the future. Feel free to comment for any suggestions. :smile:

This sounds great and you have my vote!

With all the things mentioned, this would be a big project if it gets implemented. But this will add that little extra to the app.

I agree especially on the ff:

Seat Pitch customization - on customizing the class configuration by number of seats, adjusting the Seat pitch. (More seat pitch can mean more legroom, or less to provide more seats. - comfort vs seat capacity), with that, you can manage how you earn and how you want to classify your airline (budget airline or premium airlines).

Offered Services -
select your airlines offerring - selection of food, airline merchs, with corresponding prices.