Czech Airlines DOESN'T use its SAFETY VIDEO

When I flew with Czech Airlines 2 years ago, I noticed that they don’t use their safety video and have no safety briefing at all !

i’m fairly certain it’s a legal requirement to give a safety briefing at the beginning of the flight… are you sure they didn’t do it but you just weren’t paying attention?


When I flew CSA they did the safety briefing. You can even find it on youtube.


You probably weren’t paying attention or they might have had an issue and talked through it instead. It’s a legal requirement so you’re wrong for sure.


greetings MMAviation, I actually struggle to believe this, it’s a thing they have to provide like all airlines, this airline should be banned if they fail to provide safety.


My family and myself are sure that there was none

Well I’m not so…

I am the same !!!

it’s a legal requirement to have a safety briefing. any further discussion can be taken to pm.