Day in my Life as a Ramper

HI everyone. As many as tall knewI used to work at an FBO. Well unfortunetly that job didnt work out. Now i work for the airlines and have a few pictures to share…

Some let me explain the pictures.
First few pictures. Our Airbus A319 at the gate awaiting pushback from gate number 6 to orlando Florida
The last 2 pictures are some action pictures… First one i am wing walking our flight out as it heads to Orlando and the second picture is our post flight debrief


These are excellent photos, thanks for sharing these and I guess you are working for Allegiant airlines?

i work for a contracter that does allegiant at my airport

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That’s awesome man! I would really love to do something like this, what’s the progression to this job and any specific requirements?

Ah okay, so you only handle Allegiant?

just be over 18, high school diploma, have a drivers license

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yes for right now thats all we do

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Nice and do you hope to handle more?

Sounds easy enough and any specific qualifications?

i hope we get a frontier contract

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its not easy at all.
qualifications are 18 years old, high school diploma, drivers licenses, pass a background check.

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Is that the airline with all of those animal tails?

yes it is that airline

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Nice, I hope you get the contract with them then.

i hope so too. more hours and work

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