Delta Airlines Safety Video (heavy version)

Hello IFPAX!

So recently, Delta Airlines created a new safety video that is used on their larger-sized airplanes like the B757 and A350 families.

I would like to request that this feature gets implemented in IFPAX for when we are flying the following Delta aircraft:

  • A350 family (when it gets added)
  • B757 family
  • B767 family
  • B777 family

This is the current version IFPAX uses for all of the Delta flights, whether the flight is operated by a heavy airplane or not. At this point, the video is outdated, so it would be best if it were removed from IFPAX. Heavier Delta airplanes (B757 and up) can use the video posted above. Lighter Delta airplanes (A321 and down) can use the video from my other feature request.

Thanks! :smiley:

I moved this request and the other one to #features as this is a features request.

Whoops! I forgot to switch it out of general for this request. Thanks!