Departure/Arrival Boards


I think you could restyle the page and add it into the app with live Departure and Arrival boards.
They would be able to set a flight number and route before each flight with the destination . They would then appear on the departure board until gear up and climbing. They would appear in the arrival board when approach the airport. This could be added in the home screen of the app selection under “Departures/Arrivals”.

It would shows these for all airborne flights within IF PAX. These could also be airport specific.


Status could be:

Boarding - once you have loaded IF
Pushing - when pushing back
Departure - When Airborne
Approach - When approaching airport below 10K
Landed - slow to 35 kts

Gate numbers could be input by the pilot or auto from IF spawn.


Sounds like an interesting idea but it doesn’t really add any functionality.


Yes it does mate. It allows pilots to view flights in a more advanced way.


I’m not really sure what you mean and anyway, I don’t think this is really a very necessary feature.


This is a cool idea but I can think of two downfalls:

  • It only shows Infinite Passengers Flights (cool to look at, but there are a lot of other flights and even IF PAX Users don’t use it for every flight)
  • It’s likely to not be high on the list in terms of development plans because there is not a lot of new functionality as stated above (my guess, could be incorrect)

Good luck with your request!


Please don’t promote other third party app in my request.


I’m not promoting it - I’m not asking you to use it nor do I stand to gain anything from your usage of the app. However, it is a great alternative to what you requested and I only recommended it to hold you over until or if this is added.

I will remove the extra information since you requested.


What would be the use for this exactly?!! We already have live map and the online stats!


Do it!!! I think IF P should Be like the “airport” of all things!


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I’m not sure how this will benefit users when they can just look at the online stats site and the map.


How would this bring a benefit to the app?