Different Year, New Station, More flights

As the name suggests, I will be moving to a new station in the next week for the airline company i work. My Gm asked myself and 4 others to go along and help this other station in need. This is a big deal to me as i have only been at the company for two months and he already trusts me to move on up. With that being said I will be working Frontier and Air Canada Flights at my new station of Columbus, Ohio (KCMH). This will not only be a big deal flights and operation wise but also “culture” wise as it will be a different climate and a new state that i have never been too.

Fill free to ask any questions or things you would like to know or see while i am there.


How awesome! Have fun :slight_smile:


thanks i will for sure.

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Good luck mate !!!

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thank you i appreciate ir