Discourse will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11

Just going to let you know that if you are a Internet Explorer 11 user then Discourse (software this community runs on) will not be supported anymore. If you carry on using it after the timeline show below then this site will be in read only Basic HTML view.

What is the timeline?

  • Jan 2020: This announcement goes live.
  • Jan 2020: New warning banner added to Discourse users accessing sites via IE alerting them to the upcoming drop of support.
  • Jan 2020: Support for accessing the Discourse admin panel via IE11 will be dropped. Admins will receive an error message.
  • Mar 2020: All Discourse release notes will include a reminder about the upcoming drop in IE11 support, and link to this announcement,
  • Jun 1, 2020: Support for IE11 dropped. Users accessing Discourse sites from IE will see a readonly, basic HTML view, along with an “upgrade browser” banner.

How to prepare

Start using more modern browsers to view this site such as: Mozilla firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

For more info and to ask questions head over here



Does this mean we won’t be able to use the site?, greetings.

The readonly, basic HTML view is a simplified view of Discourse that does not require modern web standards. Users accessing this view will not be able to sign up or log in - only public content is accessible. Users will be able to browse the topic list, view topics/replies, and see the post like count. All other features, including searching, liking, bookmarking, viewing user profiles, infinite scroll, etc. are not supported.

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I don’t get why they are retiring support. What about those who don’t have other browsers?

This is a really bad move!

RIP internet explorer users

They can still use it, just in a less enhanced HTML view i believe.

Its because it isn’t being updated and is not classed as a modern browser.

Alternatives are available to be easily downloaded such as Chrome and other web applications.

You wont be able to login or sign up.

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Definitely a wrong move that will probably have a huge impact on forums.

Really not impressed by discourses decisions here! @daxx can you advise on what impact it will have?

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I said what issues it would have. : )
Just use stated browsers


i think the effect on forums will be minimal - internet explorer has less than a 2% market share as of 2019 and is literally not even the default browser on windows anymore. i would also say it’s safe to assume that the types of people who go on forums and such on the internet are not the type of people to use internet explorer


But what if the user in question cannot use other browsers?

Well that probably won’t happen. Will you have an issue?

You can easily download alternative browsers such as chrome and more in a matter of minutes.

I won’t have an issue but others may

as said above, internet explorer 11 has a market share of less than 2% and that alternative browsers can be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

any more issues please message a member of the team :slight_smile:


They will end up in meta.discourse.org for help. :slight_smile:


Official date is June 1st 2020

Warnings like this one below will show.