Do mods get paid?


Do the community mods get paid? You guys do amazing work!


I don’t think they get payed, they do all this amazing work without receiving money for it.


I would not assume they get paid to moderate the forum.

Although if they did I’m sure they love it


Moderating this forum is entirely voluntary. We do not get paid for it. We devote our personal time to helping the community and it’s something we love doing.


Let’s start a GoFundMe for the mods LOL.


If you wish you to can become a moderator but for that you will have to prove yourself like Thomas already has who is an amazing lad.
You Never know , someday sometime they might drop a surprise in your mailbox📭


Oh I wish mods got paid. I wasn’t one for long but I would still be rich.


might want to update your bio


It sure would be nice to get paid, but all the work we do is purely voluntary. It’s worth it to see this amazing community grow though :slightly_smiling_face:


Cos mods don’t get payed do i at least get a pension?


Think you need to be a little older first :wink:


I don’t think it would or even could work like that.

Moderators are otherwise known as high-experience users that have received this role for a specific reason, it could be helping, etc.

Let’s have the vision that we have Moderator requirements. I don’t think we would be supposed to get paid for staring at requirements and then achieving the rank.

I think that makes sense.

On a second thought though, it could also be that they get mod, and they COULD get paid, but I don’t think working at a small forum is enough of a job to get paid. A job is a job. And it’s like a real life job.

Honestly, I don’t think that 1/4 of a RL job should be enough working to get paid for. Imo, I wouldn’t be greedy. This community is about helping each other, solving problems etc etc. Not for getting paid.


I know i’m just joking.

I used to be a moderator for reference.


Yeah i’m sure i speak for the mods having been one. We wouldn’t want to get paid honestly, we do it because we enjoy it and want to.