Do you know when next update?

We’ve been waiting a while now so any idea how long until next update with major features?

Hey @LisbonAviator7310,

There is currently no eta on the next update, we will keep the forum updated if we hear anything.


Ok thank you and is it testing yet?

It has not entered beta testing as of yet. We don’t know when it will. As DGGR said, we’ll keep you in the loop when testing starts.



Thanks you appreciated.

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Be patient, you already had multiple updates this year .! That’s more than enough.

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Can you please shut up dude. I only ask a simple question.

Both of you, please chill out and take a breather. This is for civilised discussion and we don’t want any arguing here. It was only a simple question about the next update, no need to escalate this further than needs be. No need to be so rude to each other.

I’m going to close this as it’s clear this thread has run it’s course.

Let’s end it here. Ta.