El AL safety sound


So I thought it’ll be nice if EL Al’s safety sounds will be added to IF Pax, what do you think?
Vote if you liked it please


Sounds like a good idea!

Just some advice for future feature requests; it would be good if you could include a link to a Youtube Video showing the safety demonstration, just in case people don’t know what it sounds like.

Nice work bud!


Got my vote. Would love to see even more variety.


I got my vote after removing 1 of my votes.


The more variety the better!


Agreed @Declan_O. Also it interests more people if their favourite/local airline is on there.


Voted! We have the EL AL 737 and 787 so would be great to add!


Thanks for finding this. Will add in coming days


Added now you should be able to see it in the list. Some users may need to wait 24 hours. (the app keeps cache of sound pack for 24 hours)


Thanks for listening to the community, Luqman! Yet another fast and effective update.