Elite Air hiring pilots


Here is a current list of aircraft that is in our fleet as of now.

Airbus 380-800
Boeing 737-900
Boeing 747-200
Boeing 777-300ER
Cessna 172
Cessna 750 (citation)


Yes, please send a invitation


Invite has been sent sir


Where did you send it ?


It will of been sent in app.


What app ???


Infinite Passengers of course :wink: This is the Infinite Passengers forums after all…


Very detailed thread! I may join


When you open up IF pax there is an Alert box in the upper right hand corner, check in there.

This week i’m Going to be pretty busy with work and working on Boy Scout stuff with my kids, but i do plan on adding routes over on the weekends.

This last weekend i started to do some scout flying around in Asia. High mountain ranges, one route i did was VHHH-ZULS` i believe where the airport elevation is around 12,000’. Makes for good viewing flying through the valleys with peaks all around you. **remembver the 250kt rule and landing light rule is currently in AGL NOT MSL as it should. IF is working to fix this issue in an update. So if your looking for 100% flights keep this in mind.

I do plan on adding some Cessna 172 and TBM flights over around the Himalayas to give going from airport to airport a bit more of a challenge for those wishing to try where you will have to navigate canyons vs be in a jet and fly over. :wink:

And last note. If anyone recommends aircraft or route feel free to let me know! I’ll be sure next aircraft i add is that and get that new route worked in.



Nope, there is no alert box


Oh, I found it, I thought it was via discord


Elite Air now has a NEW contract!!!

Government shutdown has created a hassle for the government between mechanics keeping aircraft flying to the sub contracted pilots flying. However, people still need to be moved about. The contract is from Janet Airlines. Here’s some routing information below.


Aircraft is 737-900. So if you are a high time type certified for the 737-900 as a captain or first officer please, join us and fire up those engines so we can get personal from companies such as JT3 where they need to do our defense work.

Attached to this contract will be also a Cessna Citation X run from KSAN-KLAS-KADW-KFFO-KLAS-KSAN. Again type rating is required. Apply with in.

I will use this forum to update new contracts / missions / jobs.


Super Bowl is coming before us! Elite will be holding charting operations for this event. Expect to see to see shortly a few flights going into the ATL area. Some of our clients may choose to fly into smaller less populated surrounding airports in the area. Aircraft for these charters will be TBM-930 / Cessna Citation X modified CRJ-200 with a few wishing to use the BBJ3.


Well i have been flying some of the Janet airline routes. They are pretty fun and a good way to build flight time and your landings for those who are not grade 5. I’m 4 met all requirements except the landings. I’m at like 550 landings so i have a few to do yet before i’m Grade 5.

Today i did the longest Elite flight. I departed YPPH FLEW OVER PHNL - KLAX-KSLC-KDEN-KDFW-KTUL-KSTL-Then landed back at KTUL. Total block time was 22 hours! I think Wednesday i’m Going to plan on departed and shooting for a 27 hr flight and see how that goes.

Also an update of our ranking. Elite Air airline ranking is now in the top 40 airlines. So in a few short weeks we jumped for bottom 350 to the top half of the teir.

Elite Air NEEDS some pilots to help out to make it reach number 1 !! So start flying guys. Send me a message and i’ll Send you an invite


Elite air just bought a BRAND new CRJ-700. Changing the pace from the larger iron tubes and do some island hoping! It is a very capabile aircraft. I did some test flight loaded down just under MLW and was able to get off no problems on a 2,900’ runway as well as land. Just when you land touch down around 140kias go full reverse, spoilers, then at 60kias stop reverse and use brakes. So really its no big issue getting in, just have to be good at spot landing and keep that flow going. This gives you an idea of some of these next runways… filled with high peaks flying in and around during take off and landings, beautiful views and lots of water!

CRJ-700 route will cover the South Pacific.
1. 2. 3. 4

As you can see this line will feed some larger airports, but mostly small. So lets get out and fly! Explore this land. Join us today!


Right now i’m Working on finishing the above tour about 10hrs into it. Pretty fun! This week has been a bit busy for me in the good ol’ RL but this coming up week i will plot out a tour of Asia. Flying around some mice high mountains could create some challenges that will be fun to over come flying some smaller aircraft trying to get up and over passes.

Those that have joined, start flying! Inactive for too long you will be removed. Feel free to let me know your favorite aircraft and i’ll Add it to the fleet.

Also, we will start dloing live scehduled group flights. Because this is elite air we will use the expert server however if you are not able to let me know and we can use the training server.


Just finished flying all the ‘south pacfic’ routes that i posted above. Took me around 15.7hrs of flight time with routes ranging mostly about an hour 2 are only 30 min hops with 2 flights at 2hrs and the longest was 2.5hrs. So pretty manageable 15-16hrs 11 landings. A few airports have some nice challenges getting in and out with great views. I highly recommend. Tonight i will start working on an Asia tour, i kinda like the CRJ flies beautifully! But I might step this one up to a 737 class short to mid range flights, or go with a 777 but that will limit some airports out of the equation. Cessna would be fun with all those high mountains that would create a challenge!

Anyways we have 6 guys joined in this airline and not one of you have done a single flight!! Come on and fly or i will have to boot you. Just one flight a month at least.


Today we bought a new Airbus 330 in new condition. I’m going to be making some routes and expect some hours be flown on her so that’s why opt against a used one. In RL i’ve Been working 12-15hr 6 days a days a week this week and next. (gotta pay for IF subscriptions hehe) But Friday night and saturday i plan on getting something posted to get the new airbus in operation!


Hello. I am a pilot looking for work lol


Welcome to IF PAX first of all! And you are more than welcome to join Elite. We try to publish new routes at least biweekly. Some of these routes may be kick back 9hr flights departing from and to big long runways, why others might be a bit more challenging getting in and out.