Emergencies Are Bad || Get Rid Of Them

Hi Guys. I just wanted to bring up a topic I feel is important. I feel that emergencies is really bad for the online servers especially Expert. I honestly think you guys should not let anyone use emergencies when on the expert or training servers as it could result in a lot of trolling, etc.
I feel like adding emergencies is a bad decision by the development team. Although there is a recommendation not to use it online people still can and do.
IF-PAX emergencies can be the reason for trolls which is unfair for pilots who want a realistic environment. There are already enough trolls no need to have more.

Do Infinite Flight Pilots and Expert Controllers a favour and get rid of Emergencies.

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You can disable them before the flight, it is only to add to the Infiniteflight experience… I personally don’t use it. You also don’t have any evidence to backup your claims… about trolls

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Having the option to disable the feature doesn’t stop trolls. People can easily use it during their flight.

That’s the purpose of having a feature…
This feature was voted by the community also…

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But a feature that affects other IF pilots, who don’t want it, in my opinion shouldn’t be allowed. I don’t want to be controlling and have people going 240ktd IAS on final because “my flaps don’t work because of an emergency.”

If a pilot wants to use emergencies they should only be able to do it on solo.

Why should a feature be removed because of a theory that it can be abnormal on servers?

It’s a pilots responsibility.


No one is required to use the emergencies. You are able to turn them on and off. There is also a disclaimer within the app telling users that they can affect multiplayer rating and reccommended use in solo.

As @aegirN mentioned, it is the pilots responsibility. If they get violations, ghostings etc then it’s their fault.


It’s not about violations ghostin, etc. It’s about these emergencies affecting other pilots. A disclaimer doesn’t stop a pilot from trolling or using the feature.

The feature should only be allowed to be used on solo to prevent pilots from using this feature and create even more problems.

If this is something that becomes a problem then the developer may consider making some changes based on the case, however as it stands at the moment… no users have been abusing this feature and I haven’t heard of any trolling cases. They are a great addition if used correctly. The community voted for them to be added.

Again, there is a clear disclaimer telling pilots to use solo mode as it can have an effect on multiplayer experience. We are not liable for any negative ratings or any trolling cases. Trolling cases and any effects on other pilots are not within our control.

There is not enough evidence to suggest they should be removed. We haven’t seen any significant problems or any trolling. We won’t remove a feature for something that is the pilots responsibility.



I agree!! Keep them !!

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It’s a pilot responsibility to use them wisely.


Absolutely. And they are liable for all the after effects if they are trolling, declaring emergency on purpose etc.


Keyword: can. You have no evidence to back up your claim. They won’t be removed based on a theory of trolls (correct me if needed).