Emergencies Tutorial

The follow tutorial will walk you through how to activate and use our emergency functionality.

If you wish to use the emergencies functionality we strongly recommend you fly Solo and not in online mode in Infinite Flight as this could potentially lead to ghosting.

Infinite Passengers is not liable for any violations or ghostings.

In Infinite Passengers when you get to the Flight Settings screen, be sure you enter an estimated flight time and Press Start. This time needs to be fairly accurate as it will be used by the emergencies function to generate an emergency at a specific time.

  • Then enable emergencies and set the probablity and time. If you wish for a guaranteed emergency to occur than drag the slider to 100%. You can also specify a time or leave it random.

Current types of emergency:

  • Random
  • Flaps
  • 1 Engine
  • All Engines
  • Fuel Leak
  • Stuck Landing Gear

During the flight when the emergency occurs your device will vibrate 3 times and show a notification. After this point the failure will occur on the aircraft and you will not be able to return it back to its original state.

For example if the flaps fail, then changing the flap setting will not work.

During an emergency you can land at any airport. If you had selected a route (in Airline mode) then this is no longer applicable and you can land anywhere.

Please leave any questions below


Excellent tutorial! This will be very helpful!


Nice tutorial! Very simple and explains the function really well! Well done!


Thanks!This helped me alot!


Awesome, loving these tutorials keep it up


How does a device vibrate when the emergency occurs?

Some devices that is possible, not all.

Great job, except fuel levels can’t go below MLW so the fuel one is nit a emergency as such, and the gear stuck won’t make the gear get stuck when stowed