Finnair sound pack

Finnair is the flag carrier of Finland. This sound pack should be added as it is missing from the app. Here’s the airline’s logo:

Safety video:

Boarding music:

Nice feature request. I’ve been meaning to fly in this part of the world and if this is added, i can

As some airlines sound packs, especially national airlines and major low cost airlines, are missing from the app, so it would be awesome to add them.


Is it just me or did we have this before? I think I remember seeing it… maybe not. You’ve got my vote!

Nope, it’s not a duplicate. :wink:

Before creating any new topics, I always make sure that my search topics are not duplicate to others, and some people who haven’t talked about features they wanted to be added. That’s why I have to create my own request, instead of waiting for others.

I was meaning I thought it was in the app before lol.

If it was in the app, then this feature request shouldn’t even be on here. He create this feature request only because he didn’t see the Finnair sound pack in IFPAX. :wink:

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I didn’t say it was in the app. I just thought I’d seen it before in a public release that’s all. Maybe not… maybe just me. Anyways, let’s get back to the feature request :wink:

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Hello World Airways,

Nice boarding music. I am very much delighted by listening this boarding music. Like to have it in Infinite Passenger in coming future. Voted for it. Cheers

Best Regards

Thanks for voting my topic. I’m looking forward to see this sound pack to be added in the next update.

We need this sound pack can’t wait for it to be added.

I can’t wait too. I’m looking forward to see next update when this sound pack has been added.

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Got my vote :slight_smile: let’s hope it can be added in the upcoming release.

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Thanks for voting this topic. I can’t wait to see this feature as it might be added in the future updates.


No problem, yes will be good when it’s added.

That safety audio is for Airbus A350 which we don’t have yet in the simulator. Adding the a350 audio would be unrealistic at the moment, you have a link to the A321 instead?

This is the A321’s safety audio version:

However, the A350 is coming in the next update of Infinite Flight, therefore the A350 version is better.
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Yes but Finnair not confirmed.

So the developer may decide to use the A321’s version.

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