First Month Review

First Month passed!!!

It’s already been more than a month and looks how the community had grown right now. Overall, we had around 170 new users, 106* basic users, 29* members, 12* regulars, 1 senior regular, 4 moderators, 2 staffs, and our favorite, one founder (Luq).


* = These numbers are badge earned which mean these number is not the same as right now.


Thanks to the moderator team and the staff for their all work to make the community to the best. Let’s see our statics last month. Is it big? Small? Awesome?

These numbers are not accurate!!!

Topic: 225

That’s a lot of topics, thanks to all of you who did create a topic.


Post: 5,300

Most of these are trying to help people who need support. Good jobs everyone!


User: 171

Thanks for joining this community and contribute to making this community to an even higher level.

Active User: 166

That’s almost the whole community is active! Wow, that’s amazing!

Like: 5,900

That a lotta of love! So much happy, funny, and emotional topics and posts!


What happened in the last month?

New Moderator

@anon43188705 was the first regular and to be the 4th moderator to the moderator team. We all thank you for your awesome contributions.

New Senior Regular

@Declan_O was the first senior regular for a while and got his moderator title back which we have a new senior regular. @Pattymao was the second one to get this special title, Senior Regular, and the only senior regular right now.

Thank you for your awesome contributions.


We had 3 release update in the month of December and one of them is a major release.

  • 5.0.8 - This update include bug/issue fix. Slight changes will make even better.

  • 5.0.11 - This update added some sound packs.

  • 5.1.0 - This major update had a lot of changes and make the app to become easier.

Biggest Problem

Subscription Hotfix issue was one of the biggest known issues in the last month and fixed after a few days where there was an iOS update. We thank you to the Staff team for fixing this giant issue.

This is no moderator approve and moderators, feel free to do anything to this topic. I also made this wiki which any regulars can add their ideas. I might have forgotten something, so add it if you feel it’s missing.


Nice topic! Very interesting and will be good to compare the statistics at the end of next month.


Awesome topic. Interesting to see the different stats


Its great to see those statistics. Good stuff @Gabe_Z - nice topic!


Thank you for sharing this topic! Some impressive stats for the forum so far.

This also gave me an idea about this addition for yearly review:


That’s a great idea.


@Gabe_Z where do I see these graphs?

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You can see a brief snapshot if you head to

This will provide amounts of users per day, week, last 30 days etc.

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No no no. I talk about in post #1

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Those graphs were provided by me for more visualisation of the data. Only admins/mods can see the graphed data.


@anon85169546 actually got them and edited to put these graph in my thread.


Excellent to see this after my break! Loving this community :smiley:

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Glad to see you back!

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