Flight report bug

after landing, I shut down the engines and the lights and when I go back on IP, I remain stuck on the report, impossible to use IP even forcing the closure … I paid an annual subscription

IP 5.2.4
Android 9
Samsung Tab S4


Same thing happening on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Android 9.

Are you talking about the save button? Gone invisible?

Hello! I have the same problem, the app show me my last report and I don’t start a new fly…

I use android too, samsung S9 pluss…


Luqmanh has been notified and will reply to you guys as soon as possible.


I miss seeing my stats but ever since the update, nothing but problems. I wish it would’ve been left alone. The new layout looks nicer but it’s pointless if it doesn’t work. The old version worked great once the bugs were taken care of.

Did you guys try delete and then reinstall?

Yes and it worked for the first time but now is no longer working.

I managed to save my report and return to the homepage. Apparently the button is invisible and by dint of clicking everywhere on the screen, I was able to unlock the application


This issue was fixed late last night. Please let me know if you still experience. @Swen75 i sent you email regarding this also.


Yes @luqmanh , I received your message, everything works, thank you for saving my last flight :slight_smile:

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I’m gald to hear that you are no longer experiencing this issue. Have fun and go to #support if you have any issues in the future.

Have a great day!

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How do I fix this problem?! IFP won’t fit correctly on my screen.

Are you on the latest version on Android?

I still have this issue… the flight report is stuck there on the screen… I’m on an S10+ Android 9.

What version you are on though? The latest version should be 5.2.10.

The version I have is 5.2.10.


I just tested it out and the issue is still there, strange.

@luqmanh You may want to look into this again.


I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app for the 15th time and did a quick KDFW to KSAT hop and still the same issue. Did a return to DFW just now and keeps force closing.


Seem there is an update. Please update it to 5.2.11 and it’s should be fixed. Report back if you still have the issue.