Flight Spotting Session @Male , Part 4

Well this time we travelled from Sri Lanka to Male and oh boy the sight was awesome , definitely not the best place to go during winter …it was quite chilly.

I did get some shots and and also we travelled to an island…the name I don’t quite remember but boy the beaches were so mesmerizing and moreover there was a place in the resort where the temp of the water was controlled but it was open in the sea…don’t know how do they do it…but was fantastic the best place to visit during summer .

Let’s get into the photos.

1)Emirates (Year Of Zayed Livery)

2) Maldivian airlines (guess the aircraft below)

3) Etihad A320 taxing to parking

4) British Airways 777 Of to Heathrow

5) Qatar Airways A350 Of to Doha

The upcoming shots were taken at the island where we for a day

6) Trans Maldivian DHC

7) A random dude (I couldn’t find any info on this plane , not even FR24)

What happened in Sri Lanka?

well now you guys must be wondering you were expecting shots from Sri Lanka well yeah we managed to get a couple of shots but things turned worst.

Here is what happened the day we landed we decided to take aredt and go spotting next morning. The next day we left the hotel and we went to back of the airport and that area was fenced and many people were spotting from that area and we also decided too so as were spotting some police vehicles came in and also those who were spotting were sitting in the bikes and clicking the pics they ran off and we didn’t know what was going on.

The police asks something in Tamil(their native language) which neither of us understand…so we asked the cops to speak in English and then they were like “You come to station , we are going to police station…” Kept on repeating the same thing.

At the station there was this senior officer who confiscated all your belongings and even our camera… basically he was going through all our stuff and he was like " why use camera here? … What’s your purpose of visit? Where we came from ? Where we travelling to?..and Many other questions"

We responded to them but the officer didn’t quite seem satisfied by our replies and tells us to go back where we came from (meaning to deport us)…but we had onward bookings the next day to Male and then further from Male.

My friend decided to call his national embassy back in India and we somehow got the number and informed them about the situation and they were like we would send a representative who is based in Sri Lanka …at then end the guy Never showed up …by this time we were thinking of the worst jail … prison and what else!..cause we didn’t have our phones…I then requested the officer to call my dad back home and so he did allow me but only for a minute…I informed him in short and he told he had a relative in Chennai and he knew Tamil so he would speak with them … luckily that friend of my dad did the convo with the police and yeah the next were able to get back on the flight to Male . On reaching Male I checked my cameras and found that the whole memory card was blank …(ik what had happened) … So yeah there was no footage or pics from there.

Our main aim was to get out asap from there … because we didn’t know what was coming next for us! By god’s grace we were fine and safely reached Male…and got back into spotting.

Later I came to knew that the day we were spotting some important VIP was visiting that day and I think we had snapped a photo of that VIP’s plane thinking it was a business aircraft and the police thought that were some spies …lol :joy::joy: so yeah… that’s how it went folks.

Hope you enjoy this spotting session.
See you next time and as always stay :headphones: for more!


Wow interesting story! Picture 7 looks like a twin otter on floats


FR24 just kept on saying information unavailable so I really don’t know much about it… Yeah looks like a twin otter.


Wow. Quite a scary story but not your fault. Apart from that some great photos.

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In some countries like Doha it’s illegal


Great photos, @Pattymao! Love the Emirates 777.


Amazing photos per usual! Would never expect that to happen on a spotting trip.

Police probably looked and then erased for security.

What’s the big deal with plane spotting?

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Yep that’s right.

No I guess we snapped a picture of that VIP’s aircraft and they basically thought were doing some illegal work and so they took us to startion and erased the data of my camera…even to my previous spottings … lucky I have a back up!


What! I never knew that … living 50 miles east of Doha.:grin:

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Great capture of the Qatar A350.


I was clearly taking a photo of the plane at the gate and a rude security officer said “what u take photo of” I explained and he said “no allowed” so I had to take a few sneaky photos on the bus

I love Europe and our Rights and our Freedoms. but not brexit


well i thought they could allow you to snap photos atleast from terminal.
back in bahrain we are even allowed to go near the fence or open in the live air field but under police supervision with your passport deposited at the immigration and while leaving collect it and leave.


well next i am off to Bangkok …hope to get some pretty good snaps without any problem.


Well in europe if people kills someone they get 10-30 yrs in prison but in other countries with less rights u get the death sentence witch is fair and stops poeple from doing it

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Great photos! What a shame for that to happen on a spotting trip :frowning: !!


Well they didn’t want to kill me but yeah they weren’t even welcoming so yeah.


Excellent photography skills! :heart: :heart_eyes:


Expect Bangkok photos to be up by Tomorrow!


What do u want to the, to do, stand with a bunch of flowers and do a Mexican wave ?