FlyBe Has Been Sold

For all you British avgeeks, you will know what FlyBe is, for those of you from other parts of the world, FlyBe is a short haul low cost carrier operating mainly Dash 8 Q400’s as well as a few ERJ’s throughout the UK and into Europe.

Following the airline being put up for sale not so long ago due to losses from the risk of Brexit, higher operating prices and more.

The airline has now been bought by a comsortium of three companies, Virgin Atlantic, Stobart Group and Cyrus Capital called Connect Airways Ltd with Cyrus owning a majority stake and with Stobart Group making Stobart Air and Propius, their aircraft leasing firm part of the new company.

This means that FlyBe will cease to exist and will be rebranded under Virgin Atlantic.

The Buyers
I trust you all know who Virgin Atlantic are, if not they are a UK based airline operating mainly transatlantic with their fleet including A340’s, 787’s and 747’s but also serving destinations in Asia and Africa and eyeing opening a direct route to Australia imminently, it is also important to note they are direct cometitior of British Airways. Now Stobart Group are just like many of the companies in the US such as Compass and Endeavor as they operate the regional routes for Aer Lingus and i believe a select few FlyBe routes although are also supposedly set to buy Tees Valley Airport opening up another area of their operations. Cyrus Capital on the other hand is a major Investment Firm, with offices in New York and London and investments across the world.

My Analysis
I believe that they will cut back on routes with the majority of routes to or from Virgin Atlantic UK Bases such as London and Manchester with them possibly reaching more into Europe and introducing new aircraft within a short amount of time, this could include more ERJ’s or a replacement of ERJ’s such as A220’s, A320’s or more, i am not too sure but would love to hear your thoughts. On top of this i believe Stobart Air will operate the flights on behalf of Virgin as they do with Aer Lingus. I also believe all FlyBe management will be replaced with new people bringing fresh ideas.

For a more visual look on the situation, check out this video.

I look forward to reading your comments below. And don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions, i will try and answer them.

Thanks for reading



I have just found this news release by Virgin as well outlining the whole sale etc in a lot more detail with mention of possible operations out of London Southend.


Stobart Group owns London Southend Airport and there are plans for a major FlyBe (rebranded) hub there along with London Heathrow and Manchester as previously mentioned.

I will continue to update this thread as more info comes in.

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So sad. Flybe was my 3 favorite British carrier

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Yeah. Loved spotting the purple road and rail livery on the Dash-8 Q400

Another one bites the dust


Yeah. Been a fair few recently, and theres a lot more in trouble. Sad times for aviation. New ways are needed.


Which callsign they use now? Still Jersey

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I don’t know… I’ll check FR24

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They are still operating as normal until the Spring whem the transfer will take place.

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