FlyDelta Virtual Airlines (Shutdown)

Welcome aboard the FlyDelta virtual airlines recruitment thread. We are very happy to have you onboard

About us

Here at FlyDelta Virtual, we aim for realism and professionalism in the skies across America. We operate our flights from the following airport:

  • LaGuardia airport
  • John F Kennedy airport
  • Los Angeles international airport
  • Atlanta International Airport
Our fleet

Currently, our fleet consist of the following

  • Boeing 717-200
  • Embraer ERJ-175
  • Bombardier CRJ-200
  • Bombardier CRJ-700
  • Bombardier CRJ-900


If you are interested in joining the va, plsease fill out this form:

If accepted, you can request the va on IFPAX as FlyDelta Virtual. Thanks for being apart of FlyDelta virtual inspired by Delta air lines and enjoy your stay

Note: My IF PAX username is acesoftheace. Also, the logo credits to Delta airlines inc.


Looks great. Best of luck.

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Hey guys, there’s someone name Gabriel Morales who’s born in Panama in 1998, does anyone know who is it so that I can dm him, thx


I was going to apply but I’m not going to put my date of birth there !

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Hey everyone, due to my inactivity in Infinite Flight, I’ll be shutting down the VA, however the topic will remain open