Flying a Bonanza Cross Country

Hello IF Pax community:

Today I present another another topic on interesting things that happen in aviation. This past weekend, Jan 4-6th, I was in Phoenix, Arizona to meetup with a whole bunch of aviation enthusiasts, pilots,spotters, etc. Well, that was fun but the highlight of the whole thing was when three of the people there, flew a Beechcraft Bonanza from Charlotte, North Carolina along the Gulf Coast and then up to Phoenix. They did this for fun and to get the cross country experience. Two of the three pilots where well experience (Airline pilot and Instrument rated pilot) while the other one was a student pilot. You may ask, what is the point of this topic then? Well, if you asked that then I shall explain.

The point of this topic is that I am going to be talking and interviewing these three pilots about there cross country experience sometime soon for my Youtube channel. If you guys have any questions to ask them, post them down below and I will try my best to ask them during the interview.

Happy Landings,



Sounds like a lot of fun! Did you join them?


I did not. I flew Southwest out to the meetup. I do however want to take an epic cross country like that though. It would be fun


Very cool and fun! Phoenix is fun place to go.


It is. Nice and cool in the winter time and clear skies. Couldnt ask for a better place than that.