FlyRedSky LAUNCH 28/2/19



Fly Red Sky

We are officially launching our airline today! 28/2/19!

Fly Red Sky will be a British Based airline based at London Luton United Kingdom. (hub)

Our aim is to begin our services from London Luton To The Channel Islands such as Jersey and Guernsey!

We are smart! And look the part! With our CRJ 700 owning the fleet with the beautifully flexed winglets with our proud company name on the side of the winglets “RedSky”

Where did the name Red Sky come from?

We began at the drawing bored. Mind mapping ideas! And as we want to become a holiday airline following in the footsteps of TUI and Jet2 for package holidays we thought there’s nothing better to see out of an aeroplane window at 30,000ft than a beautiful Red Sky as the sunsets over Ibiza now is there?

Why join the team? First come first served!

Our small but friendly fleet will be happy to take on any new or old school pilots! With our 2 short haul routes we are sure to put our airline on the map of Europe very quickly!

So join the team! And we shall make the stay with RedSky enjoyable!

Our website is coming very soon aswell as a Instagram account and Twitter


This is a fully fictional airline run by the Team of “YouGoAir” copyright.


Hello :wave:

You can only create one airline per account in infinite passengers, do you have two accounts?


YougoAir in America cease operations while it continues its service in Europe, the YougoAir in America will be replace by FlyRedSky va


what happened to yougoair?


I have the answer to what happen between YougoAir and FlyRedSky.


It says that YouGoAir have ceased operations though?


It’s operations in America ceased but it continue to operate in Europe if I remember correctly but I might be wrong.


Fair enough. Hope it goes well for you guys!