Forgot my username

Hey everyone. Had to do a factory reset of my phone and now I forget my username which is required for me to log in. I think I know which email I used though. Can anyone suggest anything?


If you click on the “forgot” section, it will ask you for your email address or username. It will then send a password reset email, however included in the email subject will be “Hi [Username]”. This should allow you to see what your username is, however you may need to change your password but most likely not as you only want your username.

If the email doesn’t arrive for some reason then the developer will be able to search the user database to find your username in the app.

Note: The email may take up to 10 minutes to send.


Thanks I’ll give it a go with my few emails.

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Okay, sounds good. Let me know if it works, or if you require any more assistance.

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Ok I’m in now thanks. Excellent support here :slight_smile: 5 star review incoming!


Thanks! We appreciate your feedback and glad the issue could be resolved!

Happy flying!


Make them 6 :heart:

Happy Near Year and thank you for your kind words!