Forum Suspension Guidelines

Forum Suspension Guidelines

The following suspension guidelines are the most a staff member can give as a consequence to a user for the different categories, however depending on the circumstances the maximum punishments might not be given.

Guideline Broken First Offence Second Offence Third Offence
Inappropriate Language 7 day mute and unofficial warning issued 3 week suspension Permanent suspension
Trolling 4 month suspension Permanent suspension -
Abusing Forum Features Warning issued 3 week suspension Permanent suspension
Racism, Homophobia, Hate Speech Permanent suspension - -
Creating duplicate accounts whilst suspended and/or for the purpose of trolling Message to user/warning issued Permanent suspension -
Advertising, promotional materials, or other forms of solicitation including chain letters, pyramid schemes, class action suits, or charitable appeals. This includes advertising links in signatures. Message to user/warning issued 2 week suspension 2 month suspension
Harassment, grief or exposing members private information 6 month suspension and warning issued Permanent suspension -
Cyberbullying or bullying 3 month suspension and warning issued Permanent suspension -

Under special circumstances the Infinite Passengers moderation team holds the rights to implement their own consequences.


Understandable but I think you are being a bit too strict in terms of suspension. A 7 day mute for a single swear is a bit uncalled for in my opinion.

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A 7 day mute is the maximum consequence, however not in all cases will it be implemented.


Way to making this a safer and more user friendly community for everyone!

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Good to know these guidelines.
Not planning to personally need to know these but it will be helpful for people to have in the back of their mind and to make this community a better family friendly and fun place for everyone to relax and interact.