GC Airways is hiring pilots! (Update)

GC Airways is now hiring! Looking for an airline to join? Here’s why you should choose GC:


Airline Description

  • GC Airways (short for Global Club Airways ), was founded to share the passion for aviation and global travel on May 3rd, 2019. This new, growing airline undertakes an increasing list of beautiful, scenic real-world routes all over the world, to ensure pilots can to the fullest enjoy their flying experience.
  • The appropriate fleet has also been assembled for the existing routes of this airline, to enable pilots to perfectly simulate real-world flights. It should be noted that the fleet, and the number of available routes can be expected to continue to grow in the future!
    In its brief existence, the airline has grown tremendously, breaking into the list of the top 30 airlines on IF PAX!

All planes available for pilots.


  • This airline understands the further commitments and responsibilities of pilots beyond aviation. Therefore, a selection of short (up to 2hrs), medium (2-4 hr) and long-haul (5+ hrs) routes around the world have been made available, to suit preferences and meet the needs of all pilots.
  • Pilots are welcomed to fly as many routes as possible, but are expected to complete at least 2 flights each week .
  • GC Airways is highly active, and will be carefully monitoring performances to ensure the airline continues to trend in the right direction in airline charts, and expands effectively.
  • The airline will also ensure pilots are enjoying their flying experience with GC Airways, and is very much open to new route suggestions.


  • Beautiful, scenic real-world routes have been carefully chosen to enable pilots to capture incredible screenshots of their flying experience.
  • There are countless GC designated routes. GC designated routes can be flown once a week, to give pilots variety. Pilots can also propose 2 new routes of their choosing, which can be flown twice every week.
  • Routes currently consist of flights in the US, Europe, East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Central America. New routes can be expected in the future as GC continues to expand its services. We truly are a global airline,
  • Prospective pilots can also propose routes to be added that they would also like to fly.

How to Apply to become a certified GC Pilot

  • Before submitting a request to join GC Airways on IF PAX, kindly send a direct message to the original poster (GCAirways), so we can know in IF PAX that you are an applicant that has seen this recruitment post (you may also comment below if you prefer). In this direct message, be sure to specify:
    • Your IF PAX pilot name
    • Your total flight hours
    • Current Grade
    • Favorite aircraft
    • (Optional) 2 suggested real-world routes you would like to fly
    • Average score of 85% required

So Why GC Airways?

GC Airways is looking to continue to build on its momentum, by bringing in pilots that enjoy aviation and would like to be a member of an active, competitive, and growing VA. Join GC Airways today to enhance your aviation experience.

The enjoyment of pilots in flying to various destinations across the globe is the greatest priority for GC Airways. Join us today!


Very detailed thread! Best of luck with your airline!


Much appreciated, thank you!!

Quick update. The GC Airways fleet now consists of every plane available!

I have requested the VA as aces of the ace

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