Go around announcement

Would like to request a GO around annoucement on this app will add so much realism

Starting 1:13

The app will automatic detected when you start climbing from the landing and Gear up then this announce will starts.


@Allen_Lu, You have my vote!

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I wonder Did devs see this request yet??
This is not difficult to implement.


Yes, the developer does look at all of the requests on here.

That’s understandable. Sometimes you have to wait a little longer for requests, even if they are small. We tend to have issues (bugs) that need to be cleared up before certain things can be added. Plus, this feature request might seem easy to you… but a number of things will have to be taken into account for it to be implemented. The altitude, elevation etc and code to make this happen.

great, am counting on you guys.

This should be added. It makes it so much more realistic

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How do we know this doesn’t get confused with takeoff?

luqmanh any Chances?

Please do not tag the developer, thanks. You may never know if someone’s life is busy with other thing.

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This sounds very cool! I’ll vote!

good idea will look into it. it may be difficult to detect though


It sounds really interesting! Hope it’s implemented!

I hope to see this feature

Me too!

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I think this would be a good addition to IP

Voted :slight_smile:

This would be a really good idea to implement

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Yessss, sounds quite difficult to implement but if they can, then :ok_hand:t2: