Greene Brother's Airways is NOW recruiting pilots

Hello IF Paxers. Well, I am loving this app so much, I have finally decided to create an IF Pax virtual airline. The name of my virtual airline is, Greene Brother’s Airways. Down below are some news regarding our airline.

Airline Name: Greene Brother’s Airways

Description: Greene Brother Airways is a charter and on demand airline simulating FAR part 135 operations. So what does this mean? This means we have no established routes but all flights start and eventually end at our base(s). We also operate in career mode meaning that if I flew from KLIT-KDFW on a charter, I could not start another flight with that airplane until it was back in Little Rock. If you are going to re-position the flight or REPO (in the airline world), that is on your time and own expense.

1 Boeing 737-700 BBJ
1 Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-1000
1 Daher TBM930
(We do plan on adding more planes in the future)

Home base:
(More bases will be open soon.)

Why we need pilots?
Well, who would not want to join a no route airline. Our fleet is so diverse we could go anywhere in the world. Looking to join? Just search “Greene Brother’s Airways”.

Activity: I know we all have real life to worry about but for now, new pilots are required to fly at least one round trip (KLIT-XXX-KLIT) every week. So, that is only four round trips a month. Who could not do that?

If you have any concerns or questions, fill free to comment below or Dm me. I am always happy to help.

CEO of Greene Brother’s Airways,



Will your va have more staff position(COO, Route Manager etc.)

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Eventually yes. I just don’t need a whole bunch of staff that doesn’t fly. I would rather have 10 pilots that are active and promote those


New TBM en route. It is currently flying from Pompano Beach (KPMP) to its base in Little Rock (KLIT).


Greene Brother’s Flying has acquired a 757 and will be used as a charter airplane for the Boston Red Sox basbeball team based out in Boston. Additionally, we acquired an Airbus A321 aircraft and it will be delivered to LIT tomorrow and will be based at LAX and be used on Hawaii runs.