Guess the Airport FR24 Style

So guess the airport but a bit harder.

Easy one to start you off.

How To Create A Post

  1. Open the FR24 App
2) Open Filters


3) Select a Certain Airport

Uploading: Screenshot_20190213-163110_Flightradar24.jpg…

4) Select Both Arrivals And Departures


  1. Make sure young have Airline Logo Tags enabled.
  2. Post it and i’ll ensure its formatted correctly etc.

• Ensure the surrounding area is visible so thry know what part of the world its in.
• Include as much of the traffic as possible not just a select amount.
• Do not post unless you fuessed the last post correctly and it was confirmed by the poster.
• You have 24 hours to post yours from the point of guessing it correctly or the OP will post a new one and you will miss your turn.
• You may use FR24 to help you but nothing that may be classed as cheating is permitted.

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This should be in #Avgeekchat

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Ooops. Thanks @anon85169546

I was the one that told you to switch to #Avgeekchat

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Yes but Thomas was the one to change category


Ok, thankyou Ken as well.

Anyway on with guessing the airport. Anybody able to guess it? I made it very easy.

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Sydney Kingsford
Or just Sydney

The person who guesses it goes next?


Yep! And Yes!

Your Turn @aegirN

There are so many airports, I can’t find the one you’re referring to

Easy one :wink:


Is it somewhere in Asia?

Asia or Northern Africa

Is it in Saudi Arabia?

Nope, they are in-fact banned from Saudi Arabian Airspace

Because in FR24, there’re so many airports once a screenshot was taken, how do I know which one I need to guess?

The airport all the aircraft are departing and arriving into, you should have read all the rules above…

The rules confused me like what do all the rules mean?

It’s the rules for when you post an airport, ok.
You are trying to guess the airport that all these planes are departing or arriving into.

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I see. Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: Anyway, is it Hamad international airport?

Also those Qatar Airways flights gave it away. Yes you’re correct, follow the ‘rules/guidelines’ in the original topic and post a screenshot of your chosen airport.